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Default Re: Anyone Try Al-Fursan Tobacco?

Originally Posted by Huskysibe View Post
When members come to this site and every single post is about your product and how great it is and do nothing more to get involved with this community then the red flags and sirens start to go off and the moderators step in to protect the members of this community. If your tobacco is as good as you and the others claim, then purchase some advertising from Sambooka and call off the dogs that totally smear your promotions all over the chat box and website and let your product speak for itself. The credibility is lost if a member has 10 posts and all 10 posts are cheerleading about a product. We are here to protect our community, we are not here to judge or name call. Unfair practices as you say, would be to come onto a forum and try to wrangle free promotion while your competitors pay for the ads you see. There is nothing unfair about pointing out that there are 3 members with the exact same IP address as you and every post that the 3 of you have made have been about your product. Read the forum rules and vendor rules, you have violated a few of them already. I suggest if you want to stay here then you abide by those rules and heed the warnings that a few of the mods have already put into this thread as well as a PM to you. We have been more than fair, we have PM'd you and yet you still come on here and accuse us of unfair practices. A little secret my friend, we arent a business, we dont sell anything. We were created to give hookah smokers a place to relax and chat and give UNBIASED reviews of products. The balls in your court, stay and play nice. Or take your business elsewhere and enjoy what the other forums have to offer you.

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