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Default Re: Anyone Try Al-Fursan Tobacco?

[FONT=Calibri]First off Mr. Bungle, I agree with you that it is perceived as annoying but I have no control over peopleís actions, and how they present themselves. The fact that they have posted my website, only one posted a website and its not even a my website because we donít own or have that domain name. Nonetheless your feedback is appreciated.[/FONT]
[FONT=Calibri]Secondly Huskysibe before you speak read and get your facts straight. The fact that members have been excited or have given praise to a product is not a cause to be condemned. I actually have not seen anyone say go buy this or go do that. The fact that you refer to members as dogs is offensive. To insinuate that I am the one pushing them is offensive. I have inquired about advertising and have sent Dunkel and Sambooka Messages. Dunkel I heard from and said it was Sambooka that does this, Sambooka I have not heard from. A company that budgets $10,000 month in promotions/marketing and over $5,000 a month in free samples doesnít need people to wrangle up free anything. You say this isnít a business, yet your main focus is on why are people talking about this and youíre not getting paid on your endÖsounds like a business to me. For the record I never said unfair practices, you have permission to quote me but donít misquote me. Fair is subjective I said unprofessional. Yes I blogged about my product in Vendor Introductions, it would be ridiculous to be the owner of a Ferrari dealership but in my introductions praise KIA Motors. And Iíll tell you what, why donít you tell me where exactly was I PMíd or notified multiple times about violations and breaking the rules. To my calculations I had nothing to do with this thread, and got a warning from Dunkel about a mistake I made when I first joined, that I apologized for because I posted something in the wrong forum. So you need to get your facts straight. I am done with this so enjoy your conspiracy theories and keeping the community safe by collectively bashing people for having opinions. Because the ďball is in my court,Ē I have no interest in participating in this discussion anymore and I wonít be replying. Let the true members speak and let them be the decision makers at the end of the day.[/FONT]