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Default Re: Apple is all i need ?!?!

Originally Posted by JamesLee85 View Post
Ive been a heavy shisha user for near 4 years now, have a huge selection of pipes and a really huge stash of tobacco. Ever since i started smoking i have been obsessed with trying any and every flavour possible, some ive loved, some ive hated... some i smoke regulary. I have been through stages where Al Fakher is all I smoke, then the fantasia phase comes along! But... the past 1 month, ALL i have smoked it Nakhla Apple and havnt touched any other single flavour out of my stash. Really weird. I cant stop smoking double apple....!!! Anyone else the same?
If your smoking DA exclusively you should get a KM leather hose. It will gradually infuse the leather with the DA and enhance the flavor even more.
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