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Wink Re: Pigs, Smoking and Pasole part 2

Originally Posted by glostersa View Post
Yep that sounds like Hajo to me Sex Hookah and Rock and Roll. Cops coping a feel on the Hippie Girl and the band members trying to roast a live Pig with Hookah Coals.

I better have a Chat with old Jacob here in Zuma land about Hajo and his porcine abuse.

Damn I thought Woodstock was rough in the old Days seems now we found the Catalyst of the old Woodstock.
Pretty funny stuff Gloster! One thing that people find so odd about me is that a 60 year old rightwinger plays such crazy music and tours almost semi-regularly. Of course I don't get much money from it but it's pretty far out nonetheless.

Anyway, I am sure that good old Jacob will be more then happy to do anything to help me out!
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