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Originally Posted by Bassem View Post
Anything in particular, Hajo?
Originally Posted by Hajo Flettner View Post
I can think of quite a lot but i'll just mention a few things by semi-large brands. For starters no one is importing jurak of any form from the Saudi or Gulf states and that is something I would love to see change. In terms of Indian stuff I notice that India has dozens of brands that are great but not sold outside of India. What I would like to see is someone carrying the brands Qehwa ( great fruit flavoured moassels), Sufia Jurak (a nice ranged of spiced juraks with very low nicotine) Pretty much anything made by Ahmad Jurak like their great line of fruit and spice based moassels is made by AJP but my favorites are: Abu Sheesha, Abu Itrah & Al Khaas as these have very high quality tobacco and amazingly good spiced essences. Other must haves are Shh 'el-beled, El Kif, El Gondoul, Arous El Nile, Tombac Ma'assel Super and Tombac Ma'assel Honey.

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