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Default Re: Anyone Try Al-Fursan Tobacco?

Al Fursan,
You edited your original post to delete the line where you said it was unfair practices, nice cover up. And for your information my line about calling off the "Dogs" thats a figure of speech we use here in America, nothing offensive about it. As far as the warnings, I know for a fact KK sent you a PM warning, a copy of it is posted in the moderator section. No we are not a business and I am not concerned about getting paid on my end, where did I ask for that? All I said was it was unfair business practice to come to a free forum, push your products and gain income from doing that, all the while the other vendors have given back by purchasing ad space which helps the out of pocket expense to Sambooka to run the forum and do continuous upgrades. We do not have sponsors that pay the monthly bill or purchase the software, it comes out of HIS pocket. I get nothing from being a mod here, I donate my time to help this community run smoothly. So I say again, if you want to be a productive member of this community then I suggest you read the vendor rules, abide by them, and play nice.
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