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Default Re: Smoking with fish?

Not so bad, 210 is in the wall, it has a room behind it for maintenance, the filter is homemade using a 75 gallon tank , it has 3 external pumps for return from the main tank that circulate aprox 6000 gallons per hour, it has a full RODI water filer, that is turned on by a flout switch as water evaporates, etc etc etc its all fully automated, lighting is 3 400 watt metal halides and 4 t5ho attincs (blue light) and a 4 foot skimmer, i clean the glass once a week with a magnet, and the water changes all i have to do is add the salt to a tub and let it mix and heat up, than i turn a few valves the 75 gallon empties, and the fresh salt water fills it back up. very simple, maybe 20 to 30 minutes a week. Oh its a salt water reef by the way and i would post a picture if i could figure out how. Its Beautiful been in the hobby for many many years.
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