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Default Apple and dried crushed mint leaves.

hey, i just wnted to share with everyone a great shisha mix i just tested out.
so i had like 1kg of al fakher double apple and was getting bored with it, so i decided to add a bit of a twist to it.
i had some dried crushed mint from saudi arabia (smells wonderfull) so i just put some al fakher Dapple into a 100g box of starbuzz and added the mint abd gave it good mix until the smell was of both apple and mint, sorry did no measurements.
the shisha did dry out a little, but it was not a problem.
taste wise it was mind blowing 10/10 the mint really complimented the apple.
thickness of the smoke was also fantastic.
hope u guys enjoy this if you try it out and let me know how it went.
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