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Originally Posted by Bassem View Post
a nice ranged of spiced juraks with very low nicotine
Tombac Ma'assel Super and Tombac Ma'assel Honey

The juraks- how do you feel about zaghlol? Comparable? And are you interested in straight up traditional tombac, or are those some augmented varieties?
Thanks for the offer but I have no trouble getting any Nakhla product. Jurak is typically a very finely cut tobacco (some times like Desi Merli and sometimes more like dokha) which is made into a paste with molasses. It usually has some sort herbs added for flavourings but it's never fruity. It's very popular in the KSA, India and to a lesser extent the rural portions of the Arab world. It's considered an old fashioned smoke and a lot of times it comes in tiny glass jars, zip lock bags or wax paper tied with string. I like straight up tombac but I prefer the darker, rich stuff rather then the Jordanian or Indian varieties.

Thanks for looking into it and hopefully you'll have some cool family stories from the get together and the news from the hospital will be good.
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