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Default Re: Chap Slap takes 3 days to ponder the rules

You know what I am going to chime in here.

Boom you personally have used incorret tems recently. You have broken rules. I have taken the steps myself to edit your post for a NH item. I didn't ban you....Did I??...... I just edited it and went about my day. But we as mods ARE TIRED of this. You are well known member of the community, and you are slipping, other people see you doing this and therefore think it's ok. AND IT'S NOT.

We are a hookah community Not a NH community. If I see anymore NH talk I will edit the posts, send a warning after that you are getting the Ban Claw and it will be as sam said it would. No more chances.

(By the way if it's an HONEST mistake and you can tell an honest typo..... you will not be banned hey crap happens we understand, we don't want you sitting there all jittery if you make a typo. Just try to re-read your posts, and all is well with the world.

On a side note to that- if it occurs frequently or see it getting abused because people think they can, we keep records of which posts we edit. So please don't try and work around the system.

There are new stickam rules:
MAKE YOURSELF AQUAINTED WITH THIS POST, THESE RULES START TOMORROW 2/22/08. There is a thread devoted to them. And in the rules section. Ignorance is not a valid reason to break the rules because they are the same rules that hookahpro members abide by on this site.

As for any references to us changing. We are getting bigger. People are breaking the rules more and more frequently because people are testing us. We are not going to sit idle by and watch this place destroy itself or become something we did not envision it to be. WE as an entire entity are a tight knit community. We are trying to keep it that way but also grow with the new members and make them feel welcome and special too!
If people don't like the VERY VERY VERY few bans we have issued so far, or don't like the way we are doing thing please by all means, have fun some place else. Because we want people who love hookah, love the site, want to help out and who want to be apart of something GREAT.

I'm sorry but that's the way it is.

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