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Default Re: Coconara coals short supply

ccn's are on short supply, meaning, the west coast distributor has been out for several weeks, the tx distributor is on shortage and is not wholesaling, you can go straight like MrB said but im not sure if that will work, maybe it will, maybe they are just keeping enough for their own retail, but expect all vendors to run out soon, HC is out, TH is hsort I was there earlier in the week, I have maybe 30 units left (not promoting or advertising) H-S is short.
From what I hear from the west coats distributor (take this with a grain of salt as I can't rely on everything everyone say in this industry) they sold their last shipment in record time and CCN's are awating a new shipment. Coco coals are not made overnight. No one will know the real answer but I believe they will run out for at least a month.
Chad! Thanks for the shout out!
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