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Default Re: Chap Slap takes 3 days to ponder the rules

in that post where i said that oh so bad word, i was saying it in a way to stand up for hookah if the contents where read. if its not for the search engines then best to remove the word from the posts that say not to say the word otherwise your wide open there. probably how that member who was on here found the site "THCsetmefree". i havent seen him post since that day and since he didnt rename the account by the admins i take it that he either stopped using it or he got banned. even before that post i made and not including the "do not say this" topic there where 3 other posts which said that word yet they where not edited. now by claims of someone every post is read by them and by every moderator so those 3 fateful posts show that not every post is screened.

many times the word is said its not in discussion of the word but to defend hookah but we are also not to use other words to describe it so how can we keep the name of hookah clean. to not say the word is in a way not protecting it because if there are no posts against it then a reporter can come in and see that there is nothing saying they are not related. they would just not get material and not use the site but would find another that did say that they are alike so can use that to smear. why give less options to show that people who smoke hookah do not believe they should be lumped into one.
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