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as for the vortex, i pack it like this (tmw hopefully i'll upload a how-to video):
take the sisha and spirnkle it into the vortex around the sphire, then gently pack it down, not too hard. the important thing i always keep in mind is keep it below the holes. also what i do after the foil is on and everything, i blow into the vortex from underneath (where the gromet sits) just to make sure airflow is not restricted and that nothing blocks the holes.

as for the naras, i use one of 2 ways, i have a portable gas stove, i place a BBQ grid on it place the coals and cover them with a windcover and light it. after about 10 minutes i flip em over (be careful, the windcover is DARN HOT!) for about 2-3 minutes, then remove, blow a bit and all done.

other option, if my stove is out of gas, i set on a metal plate BBQ charcoals, arrange them in a circle, about 5/10 cm height, take a toilet paper soaked in cooking oil, light and close the top of the circle with more coals. once they are red hot, ready to BBQ, i open it up, place the naras inside and close, sometimes add windcover. give it about 10 minutes, no need to flip, usually, and that's it. a lot of hassle, but with no coil burner, and sometimes out of gas!

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