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Default Re: Phunnel question (worth reading, i promise)

Originally Posted by KillerB View Post
So, my question isnt "how do you pack a phunnel?" or "why is is PHunnel and not Funnel?"... no! My question is this... what kind of crazy stuff is this made of, and what are you people who have broken a tangiers phunnel done to it?

I was all messed up a few nights back and thought it would be a GREAT idea to take my phunnel bowl and chuck it at my front door as hard as i possibly could.... The door broke, the bowl flew over 20 ft after ricocheting off the door and then landed in my kitchen... not a single scratch, chip, crack... NOTHING. The bowl was fine. How is this possible? I think Eric is a voodoo man or something.
i can't really figure why they don't break. i had the same thing happen except i thought hitting it really hard with a hammer over and over was a good idea. i did manage to chip it though
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