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Ok. with the cocos you have to make sure the coal is suspended im the air not touching flat on a surface. like if you have a gas stove, place the coal on the pan grid over the flame if possible. a coco that is flat on something with only one side exposed to flame will never light correctly imo.
The Vortex bowl's pack is indeed supposed to go above the holes. for the amount I usaully use about a half a 50g pack of fantasia, ping pong ball size of tangiers and so forth. about 30-40 grams. you want to sprinkle the shisha in about three layers evenly, this helps for a better density throughout. you need to keep from putting big pieces infront of the holes, try to pack around them evenly while still going over them. the shisha should be slightly above the spire and rim of the bowl. then you want to gently push the rest to right under the outer rim level on the bowl, about even with the spire. wipe any juice from the top of spire and put foil on TIGHT. poke 3 rings of perfect even circles around the spire,(no holes on or over the spire!!) its pretty important to do a good even job. push down on the foil above the spire to make an indentation of the perfect center of the bowl to help. place two cocos on the sides between the spire and rim. move coals on the spire if not smoking, and move to rim if harsh. rotate for flavor. there ya go im tired of typing. lol jk
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