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Default Re: Chap Slap takes 3 days to ponder the rules

BOOM- You know you are not allowed to mention any type of illegal substances or any items that use them. I don't care if it's an innocent reference. Do not say any type of nh related product (NON-HOOKAH) When you do searches, I don't want people finding this place because of anything nh related ok?

I read the other threads and so did the mods.... that's what PROMPTED us to do this. I didn't edit the post qouting yours because I wanted the other mods to see what you said because I wanted to confide in them and ask their opinion on it.

As for being "wide open" no we are not, the forum rules it states since : on: May 31, 2007, 11:13:40 AM title- Do NOT Mention Illegal Substances

"There are to be no drug references in posts. This can be anything from *****, to someone talking about *******, to the mention of *** being something else a poster smokes. This will not be tolerated in this community. This includes such phrases and euphemisms as "not always shisha" ,"the other stuff", "the stuff we don't mention" ETC. If it's not tobacco or herbal based SHISHA, just don't mention it."

That has ALWAYS been the case, we're just strictly enforcing it since we are seeing that word pop up a lot. That is the 2nd most misconcepted item that we use!

As for your claim that we can't defend and diferentiate between hookah and A NHD, there are tons of posts thought out this website saying their differences. In the rules, in general forum there has been LOTS of talk like this.Btw- Anybody who has ill intent and is all ready clear in their mind that a hookah is a NHD they will take anything they want and misconstrue it. So what I want is to keep this site free of any talk like that and when they do a search " the rules will pop up.........."

Hope that clears some things up.

NON HOOKAH DEVICE (NHD) to decribe pipes that aren't hookah
and NHT- Not hookah tobacco.

So no there isn't anyway I will allow people to keep breaking the rules. Here are approved abvreviations that can be used. I am not putting this in the rules right now because I don't want some noob coming on here asking for NHT or what not. It's find to say that your parents thought it was a NHD or your friend thought there was nht in your hookah. fine but please don't start topics likes guess what I smoked today... or built yadda yadda. OK?


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