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Default Re: i'm looking for a traditional shisha any suggestions

For a beginner wishing to get away from overly processed mod style moassel i'd recommend Hookah-Hookah Cavendish and AF Soft Black. Another option is Havana Pipe which although I don't think it tastes like a pipe tobacco is a wonderful, complicated and mellow product that is a treat for beginner and advanced smokers alike. If you want to give something with a heavier smoke texture and flavour profile a try I recommended starting out by mixing something like a plain moassel from DM, Salloum or Nakhla with equal parts Hookah-Hookah Cavendish or AF Soft Black.

I'd hold on tombac since that is a bit tricky to set up properly and a bit too heavy for people that smoke washed stuff.

If you want to know how to set up old fashioned moassels check out the posts i've made on the subject here at HP.
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