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Default Re: Pigs, Smoking and Pasole part 2

I thought since several people have PM'ed me about the status of the pig i'd bring them up to date rather then let anyone think I made light of the critter's suffering. According to some friends of mine the pig suffered some painful but not particularly serious burns and they are well on the way to healing up and apparently the pig is in good spirits while the hippy girl has chilled out and is apparently heading back to Berlin to do what ever German hippies do.

As best as I can determine the two parties at the homestead have the following combined statistics -

1) Number of critters burned via electrical sparks/charcoal: 1
2) Amount of ale consumed: 2 barrels (60 gallons)
3) Number of revelers: 70-90
4) Number of spouses injured by streams of ale released under pressure: 1
5) Number of policemen yelled at for drunken antics: 2
6) Number of policemen trampled by wayward pork: 3
7) Number of vacuum tube amps damaged by fire: 1
8) number of doumbeks turned to ash: 1
9) number of revelers who suffered hair lose from electrical fire: 2
10) Amount of moassel smoked: 5 kilos
11) Number of doses of animal tranquilizer administered: 2
12) Number of doses of animal tranquilizer administered to people: 1
13) Number of revelers injured climbing out of windows in a mistaken attempt to escape police: 2-4
14) Amount of pasole eaten: 18 kilos
15) Amount of pasole eaten by pigs: 6 kilos
16) Number of shoes lost: 10 pair
17) Number of trousers/skirts lost: 7
18) Number of people that failed to sound like Dickie Peterson: 1
19) Number of people that are too old to do this sort of silly crap but did it anyway: 7+
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