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Default Re: World's WORST Shisha

Originally Posted by Dakins View Post
Do you guys have the same retarded laws on tobacco moistness as Germany? Because, from what I hear, Nak in Germany is pretty fucking dry. Given it's already pretty dry, I'd imagine their version is closer to saw dust than tobacco.
I don't know about germany laws, but in lithuania about one year ago the only tabacoo you could get was nahkla and it was very dry comparing shipped tabaco and here's you have to pay customs if you're sending tabaco from other country, others get by these laws by puting hiding tabaco in some thing or by sending to some europe country and only then sending to lithuania.
Luckily, now in stores you can buy habibi or al-waha tobaco, and something called cleopatra mollases i think (tried grape flavor but taste was like herbal medicine) so i go with al-waha or buy from someone who ships tobaco from usa.
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