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Default Re: Coconara coals short supply

Originally Posted by Shushyne4np2ne View Post
I personally use Exoticas, but this isn't the point of the thread.

Coconaras running out sounds like a disappointment to a lot of people. Now, what John said about knowing what up but it's not public knowledge, I'm not gonna dig into it deeper because more than likely, it's something that the company is doing in regards to redesign or maybe even scrapping Coconaras and starting from scratch with a new recipe, so to speak. Coconara users: I'm sorry.
it's not that elaborate, they just sold out and didn't anticipate, getting these coals made take a couple of months and then having them shipped takes a month, then customs can hold for 10 days like they did mine last week (and stick me with a $2k exam fee since i'm such a nice guy)....then again, maybe there is something going on. hopefully all for the better. this industry needs some good news after the pipe tobacco tax prop making it's way though.
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