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Default Jumbo Base

Hey guys.

I just purchased one of the new jumbo bases. I was just seeing if someone is having the same problem as I am.

I recently pieced together my own hookah and these are the specs:

- Heart of Lion Tri-Metal Chiller
- Jumbo Base
- Caravan Ultimate hose
- Crown hookah Glass Tip
- Small Tangiers Phunnel Bowl

After getting my base I noticed that the smoke gets harsh fast and the smoke is thin. But before putting my jumbo base on the stem (using a regular KM base), the smoke was thick, bowl would never get harsh. I am smoking tangiers (noir and lucid) and both were fine on the original KM base, but putting the stem and stuff on the jumbo base, I found the smoke harsh and thin.

I just was wondering if someone was having the same problems as I was using the jumbo base. I haven't messed with the water level that much, but I have put the water at the bell of the stem, an inch above the bell, and a LITTLE above the bell of the stem, and it doesn't really change.

Just looking for suggestions or similar problems.

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