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Default Replacement stem? Help lol

Hey all,

So my current hookah is 22" (I think) that I got from my local smokeshop and it's served it's purpose thus far, but it's getting worn out and not pulling quite like it used to. I've kinda been upgrading my stuff as I go and I think it's time for another.

My question is that of I get a new stem, say a KM for $60, would it be worth it, versus buying a full blown KM. Does the base have any serious effect on the quality? I have nammor hoses that I really dig. I have the tray and coals/shisha that I like and eveything. I really only need to upgrade the "pulling" quality and stuff. Currently my hookah doesn't have a purge valve either, and it's 2 hoses when I really only want 1. would a new stem fix my problems? If anyone has any reccommendations, it would be most appreciated. I just can't drop 100+ on a new hookah at the moment.

Thanks ,

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