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Default Re: World's WORST Shisha

Originally Posted by kevin454 View Post
SOEX and Sulatans...tastes like burning hay...eurk
I forgot about Sultan. Another insipid line of highly processed fake tasting junk. Wow, the market has no shortage of junk.

One thing worth mentioning is that a lot of products will only give a decent session if they are set up properly. A lot of times I see folks using a QT that hasn't been cleaned after 5 sessions or someone using QLs or not packing the bowl properly complain about how something tastes. Also, sometimes it's not that product is crappy in an objective sense but rather that it doesn't meet a taste expectation. As an example, if I some something that is cloyingly sweet or tastes like candy I would be very unhappy yet that doesn't mean that the product is bad but just not what I want.
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