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Default Re: Dead Hose?

Originally Posted by mattathayde View Post
crl is food safe so as long as your rinse it you should be good

if its just the hose just get a different hose, the myas are brass with chrome (or nickel not positive) plating so they cant rust, but they can get a bad taste that a good scrub with dawn then a soaking with vinegar gets rid of

From my experience Myas can most definitely rust. I cut the ends off and decided to pull the coil out of the leather to see how bad it was and it was rusted all the way down the length of the hose. I think they just use an iron coil, because it was not brass or chrome.

Originally Posted by glostersa View Post
Pull the ends off and replace the hose section with clear foodgrade pvc tubing for ideas for a cover for it
I've done this with a Mya hose and it worked well +1 for this idea. Cost me $4 for the vinyl tubing and it also improved the draw of the hose. Its also kinda practical because you can see the smoke in the hose but this really isn't as cool as you would think.

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