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Default Tangiers Acclimation Question

Hey Guys!!! I was wondering if tangiers is supposed to smell EXACTLY like its flavor when acclimated. Do i wait till then, or is okay if it smells a LITTLE BIT tobaccoey, or bbq like(not like full blown humidity shock smell). I have some orange soda, and have had a recent volley of storms pass when i got it. it smelled like orange soda to the T when opened. when layed out to acclimate, got that burnt BBQ soy sauce smell. then it whent to a tobacco like orange soda smell. after waiting a couple hours (7) i tried it in that phase. tasted okay not great for a bout 5 minutes, then started tasting like beef jerky, and got like ciggarette harsh on the inhale, if you know what i mean. so i gave up and waited. i tried it again when it smelt a little better and same thing happend only slower. i am by know means clueless, and i attribute all this to the storms ive had. today there gone and im acclimating spread out on foil again. its smelling way better, just a little tobacco like, is this ok to use now, or what?
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