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Default Proposed Bill to Raise Federal Tax on Pipe Tobacco

I'm kinda surprised there hasn't been a thread posted here about this yet but here is what brought it up from the most recent Ed Hardy thread:

Originally Posted by Hajo Flettner View Post
I don't particularly care they expensive since I don't see a problem with paying 30 bucks for 250g of moassel if the quality is high enough.
Originally Posted by foibled View Post
I hope you mean that because if the current tax bill sitting in the hands of the House of Ways and Means gets approved, you will be paying that much. If you guys think stuff is expensive now, try imagining after the Federal tobacco tax has gone up 775%.
Originally Posted by gnuworldorder View Post
citation needed

For those too lazy to click and read the link, a proposed tax bill is currently in the hands of the House Committee on Ways and Means that will increase the Federal tax on pipe tobacco from $2.8311 per pound to $24.78 per pound. The intent is to make the tax on pipe tobacco the same as roll-your-own tobacco to close the door on many roll-your-own makers that have been selling their products as pipe tobacco to avoid the high taxes that got hiked up last year. As far as hookah tobacco goes, this will increase the Federal tax on 250g by $13.66.

edit: Just so there is no confusion, the bill is only proposed. It is not something that has passed and will happen, yet. If you want to join in on spamming your Congressman/women & Senators in hopes they will actually listen, here are some links to help you:

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