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Default Re: Proposed Bill to Raise Federal Tax on Pipe Tobacco

Originally Posted by Dunkel View Post
Are you guys happy with the CHANGE? I HOPE not.
Originally Posted by -jordan- View Post
Yeah I'm PISSED with the way everything has been going since obama was elected. I voted for McCain, since republicans at least keep there noses out of the everyday persons' affairs. Thanks to the democratic party for taking away our rights and taxing the shit out of tobacco
I am no Obama lover by any means or even a Democrat but I fail to see how you attribute the impositions on tobacco to him or his party. When last year's tax increases were expected not to get through the House it was because of the Democrats who opposed it, and the swing vote that approved it came from a Republican. Hell, the recent pushes to outright ban tobacco altogether came from a Republican Senator.

Both parties are responsible. Hold them all accountable.
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