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Default Re: ******* Hookah Instant Light Disaster!

Originally Posted by bobatepeople View Post
these are pretty much the only coals i use now. they are great instant lights ans have no taste to them. but we all know that they get a little crazy when lighting.

so for one bowl, i use 3 coals. I light one and stack the other two to save on lighter fluid. today, i noticed that the top one didnt light... hmm thats kinda odd.. i thought... so i decided to try to light it up again... as soon as my lighter touched the coal, the entire coal exploded. unfortunately, i now have scorch marks on my hardwood floor... fml

dont get me wrong... i love these coals, but this just happened to be a defect. has anyone else had something similar happen?

Um... Why do you use lighter fluid to light instant lights?

nm... i see that you are talking about lighter fluid in a lighter and not pouring it on the coals, sorry long night at work....

ps. I wouldn't stack them anymore. I think it would be better to light them side by side and have them on a flat surface and waste an additional 7 seconds worth of lighter fluid than to get one that explodes all over the place, with the possibility of knocking the other two down in the process. I hate quick lights that crumble (well actually any coal that crumbles) and quick lights are the worse about shattering and leaving thousands of pock marks in your floors/ counters/ and carpets.

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