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Default Re: Tangiers Acclimation Question

Originally Posted by Scarcity View Post
I talked to Eric on the phone and he told me about a new acclimation method. He also said not to spread it out on foil as the juices stick within the crevices of the folds. The method is as so: Leave in a tupperware container for roughly 20 hours, closed, and open it for 4 hours around smokin' time each day. Otherwise it's like "a dog chasing a car", that is, it will never completely catch up. I can try to help further if it's needed.
I find that interesting. I've noticed a few times like with Kashmir Apple, that after initial acclimation the flavor seemed weak. Days later, after sitting sealed in it's container the smell and particularly the flavor improved drastically. I also noticed this with Green Tea with Honey.

The only flavor I've had any real problem with is the new Ginger Beer. It's the only one I have (of seven or eight flavors) that has the BBQ sauce smell. Sometimes it's stronger and sometimes weaker but it hasn't fully gone away. It's also the only one I've had that I haven't been able to get good flavor from. I'm not sure if that's acclimation or if my palette just can't pick up on it.
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