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Default Re: Proposed Bill to Raise Federal Tax on Pipe Tobacco

Originally Posted by -jordan- View Post
Because of Obama's pull for socialized healthcare, any entity that impairs health is going to be taxed through the roof.. Cause instead of paying for healthcare.. We as individuals are going to be taxed on things that are likely to impair our health.. For example, Tobacco.. Kills hundreds of thousands of people a year, and costs millions in healthcare.. Well, that is going to need to be payed for by the users... So, because of Obama and the democrats concept of socialized healthcare... Tobacco is going to be ridiculously taxed if not banned. There's my logic.
I'll be waiting for the taxing of fast food chains....

Seriously guys, the bill has only been proposed. There are countless bills being proposed and never get passed.
There has been a bill that proposes the elimination of income, corporate, and sales tax, yet you can see where that landed.

Before everybody gets all wild about this, wait till it actually gets a little more serious than this.
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