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Default Sick from Quick Lights?

Hey Everyone,

I own my own hookah (Mya Bambino, in case it matters) and I smoke it in my room every once in a while. Whenever I do, the flavor ends up having an overpowering charcoal taste almost immediately and it always leads to me feeling sick. I know it's not burning, I've been smoking hookah for quite some time and I know how to pack a bowl properly and manage the heat from the coals to keep in from being harsh or burnt any way.

I even smoke at my friends apartment (using my hookah or his), but it ends up fine. We always use coconut coals instead of quick lights at his apartment. I bought the exact same coals he has at his apartment, but I think I got a bad batch because they won't stay lit even thought I leave them on the stove until the entire coal is red hot, which takes about 8-10 minutes.

Mostly, I'm wondering if anyone else has had similar issues with feeling sick and having almost none of the shisha flavor while smoking. Does anyone have any solutions for me?

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