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Default Re: Proposed Bill to Raise Federal Tax on Pipe Tobacco

Originally Posted by foibled View Post
I am no Obama lover by any means or even a Democrat but I fail to see how you attribute the impositions on tobacco to him or his party. When last year's tax increases were expected not to get through the House it was because of the Democrats who opposed it, and the swing vote that approved it came from a Republican. Hell, the recent pushes to outright ban tobacco altogether came from a Republican Senator.

Both parties are responsible. Hold them all accountable.
While I have no doubt that a big portion of the GOP will support the tax hike out of fear of the anti-tobacco lobby the motive force for this tax bill is strongly Democratic in base. I say that not just because Obama loves the idea of taxing tobacco out of existence but the same is true of all, or nearly all, Democrats in Congress and literally every pro-Democratic PAC/interest group around. The Democrats like the idea of oppressing tobacco because they think it will pay for nationalized health care and also because they like the idea of a nanny state on general principles.

Of course it won't pay for health care because when the price of something rises dramatically consumption and tax revenues decline. Also, Obama isn't really nationalized health care but merely a scheme to force people to buy insurance from companies that give money to the Democratic party combined with massive government regulation of the health care industry and lots of tax payer subsidies designed to reimburse insurance companies for having to provide insurance to people that they normally wouldn't. Naturally when you are forced to take Obamacare you'll also have to accept the taxes that come along with it.

Oh, by the way, I despise the GOP as well.

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