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Default Wow, a suprising and welcomed discovery!

So when I ordered my first hookah I ordered from I purchased a hookah combo they had called the "Massyrian" a quite generic and simple hookah, with an egyptian stem and a syrian base.

I got my hookah, and I use it almost daily to this day (purchased last september).

All is fine and dandy yes?

You see when I got my hookah I noticed a werid stamp on the tray, with arabic writing, I didn't think about it much. So I go back to to see if they still sold the hookah I purchased...they did not. Threw up a small flag for me.

Long story short I did some searching and I found out what the brand symbol is: Magdy Zidan!!! I purchased a cheap generic hookah with a syrian vase and I got a Magdy Zidan stem in place of the stem I was expecting.

Let me show you the dif.

Here is a pic of the "Massyrian" Hookah I thought I was buying (no longer carried by

Now here is a picture of the hookah I got (Stem of the hookah I got the base in the massyrian pic is the base I recieved)


So I guess I am a proud owner of a MZ hookah. I srsly love this hookah, it is my fave out of the 3 I have bc it is easiest to clean and set up and smokes just as good as any hookah out there. Pretty cool huh?

My only issue is with I believe they may have gone out of stock of the stems for the massyrian hookah so they replaced it with a somewhat similar stem with the same value to them. Which is totally fine with me, but I did not recieve any email or anything from them. I'm not going to contact them either because I am very happy with the product, and theres no point now. But it would have been nice if they would have notified me at the time of purchase lol.
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