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Default Re: Quick Question on KM RAINBOW HOSE

Originally Posted by Jride View Post
Definitely not washable.. I got 2 of em. the handle is like a strong cardboard type material (i learned this cus my friend mistakedly washed his hose) and when it got wet, it didnt stay straight, its bent at a weird angle just from being went.
They're not even cardboard. The tubes are made of wrapped paper. I kinda like taking apart KM hoses just to see what kind of paper they used. The last KM I disassembled and rebuilt was made from some poster.

Originally Posted by gnuworldorder View Post
ya i have a km rainbow that came with my km and i wont use it because its not washable. on the flip side i figured out that my green nammor looks almost like it minus the rainbow thread so im on a quest to find rainbow thread and superglue
Why not sell it then or make it a dedicated hose for your most smoked flavor? Oh and if you do rethread your Nammor hose, wrap the new thread before removing the existing one because it can be a PITA to rethread the loose hose covering and keep it as tight as it originally was.
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