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Default Re: Tangiers Acclimation Question

Originally Posted by Sambooka View Post
yeah but it's not dead yet? I still have to look at the continuous threads about "Why it smells like BBQ?" and "Acclimation" .. It is an eye sore and it is getting to the point that I may need to develop a modification to search posts and send them to their own forum when they are the same repetitive posts about Tangiers problems. At least then we won't have to look at the same threads all the time. and we can combine all the problem and help threads into one forum. Hmmm that may not be a bad idea!??
Or just word filter Tangier's to KING MOASSEL. "I have a problem with KING MOASSEL" the answer can just be "It's king moassel"

But seriously I (or whoever) could just make a thread that is a compilation of all tangiers knowledge and it could be stickied.
edit: read one forum as in not as one thread, if thats what you meant :X

Lastly, the horse is actually your aversion towards Tangier's in this case.
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