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Default Tangiers Lucid Strawberry and Watermelon a video comparision

On the hunt for a good strawberry and watermelon flavored shisha tobacco ..

So after reading all the information out there about how juicy and wet the Lucid line was and how great the watermelon and strawberry tasted and smelled. I decided to get some and give it a solid try out! I was saddened that my experience was like nothing I have read about here. This is just my personal opinion but for all the hype I expected a lot more than what I experienced. I wonder if the people promoting it get different batches than the people that buy it? Cuz for me it was not the drippiest shisha tobacco (as people have claimed) it was more on the moist side and the flavor was not there for either of these (as people have claimed). I couldn't even tell them apart? and I consider myself somewhat of a wine connoisseur with an excellent palate (I can pick out grape varieties by smell alone, a very hard thing to do for a large percentage of wine drinkers). So to not pick out simple flavors/smells like watermelon and strawberry is a bad sign to me. But I gave them a few tries each using different techniques, I felt I owed it extra special attention since I have never had good results and so I made an extra solid effort to force a good smoke out of it, but sadly I never got a standard strawberry or watermelon taste. Just a light fruit taste of about 10% flavor.
I am sorry to those that disagree with me, please understand it is just my opinion, at least give me credit for giving them the solid effort I did. I tried to see the light. I guess my palet is just different .. I know what I like and this is not it for me.

Here is my review of both the strawberry and watermelon.


(note in the vid I say phunnel, but that is actually my Vortex sorry for the confusion, I setup one of those flavors prior with the phunnel. Like I said I tried numerous bowls, techniques, etc)

I would be interested to know other peoples opinions on these two flavors? In Tangiers defense I have noticed that those flavors are hard to duplicate into a shisha tobacco ..

I would also be interested to know your opinions on brand and line?

Thanks ..
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