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Default Re: Tangiers Lucid Strawberry and Watermelon a video comparision

only lucid I have smoked is passionfruit, which definitely has a lot of flavor. as for strawberry, i've had the noir line which is pretty weak in flavor. watermelon noir, haven't had. melon blend is pretty good, but can taste pretty bad if you're not careful with heat. I like tangiers, when it works. some flavors i've bought just won't acclimate and will smell like bbq/soy/an ash tray forever, smoke like shit too. many people have had this problem. packing is not my problem, it's the inconsistency and weakness of some flavors. yes, I use room temp water. yes, I pack it right. yes, I use the right amount of coal. consistency is key here. one thing I find funny is most tangiers promoters will write reviews and say the flavor is weak yet still give it at least an 8/10...

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