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Default Re: Tangiers Lucid Strawberry and Watermelon a video comparision

I'm not super crazy about this brand to be honest. I do try to help people with it though because I hate to see inaccurate opinions formulated due to lack of knowledge. I can get tangiers to acclimate and get the tastes to be outstanding, the problem I have is packing though. I can get a great two hour + session out of my small phunnel. Or I can get a 10 minute throat burning session.
The real issue is how needy this tobacco is. You have to have the containment, the patience and time for acclimation, trial and error packing, the phunnel. It takes a whole lot of patience. When done right it's amazing but it just takes so much effort it does not seem like an equal trade off at times. I imagine with practice it will not be a big deal.
One the point of fanboys, I fail to see the numbers you guys claim stand for this tobacco. I also notice that within the review section there are plenty of weak flavors getting 8/9 not just within the realm of tangiers. The most oustanding fanboys here seem to be in the nakhla department. I ordered a big sampler of nakhla from HJ including the biggies: sweet melon, double apple, peach, mizo watermelon. Among them only peach blew me away. With all the hype around DA SM and mizo watermelon it seems like you could pick them out of animal feces and they would still taste fantastic.
Every brand has it's fans. If they like it, why does it matter what they say about it? It's their opinion that is omg roxors, Just like it's your opinion that it omg suxors.
Just my 2 cents.
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