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Default Re: Sick from Quick Lights?

Originally Posted by Sambooka View Post
Hmm Exoticas making you sick? Those are one of my favorites. You are probably doing it wrong with the Exoticas. Try lighting them all the way on the stove, then let them ash over. Use the same technique with naturals as I recommend with quicklights and let them heat your bowl up for 4 minutes before puffing away. make sure you don't smoke on an empty stomach and drink plenty of water. This goes for any hookah session. Hope that helps you Zensilk.
I unfortunately found that Exoticas got worse and worse in quality as I bought them, getting lighter and more brittle until eventually there was no way I could cut them without crumbling them. When i did get them cut, they would sit on the burner (for a long time, I didn't want a headache) and eventually start to splinter. They were unusable in all regards . Ch Nat's are my bread and butter now though, i have found them to be perfect, even though they have become less and less dense as I have been purchasing them which does worry me.
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