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Nah sadly, I havent

I promised myself I'd smoke the tobacco I have left b/c I have A LOT! I'm not gonna buy anymore until I smoke the rest of it.

I have about 250 tubs of 6 flavs. (some only have like 50--100 grams left and others have maybe about 175) I used to have like 12-13 tubs of 250 gram, but I did some "hookah cleaning" and threw away flavors that were nasty and unbearable to smoke. Hehe now its 5 tubs along with 2 50 gram packs

I just finished the last bit of SB fuzzy navel today I had to stop when I was 30 mins into it cuz it started to taste WAYYY to sweet for me

EDIT: I can't spell or write things accurately :P
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