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Default Re: help me out, need your creativity!

Originally Posted by ned316 View Post
So okay, im thinking of opening a shisha lounge. I wanna know what is a good name to call the place!

ideally it will have outdoor smoking area, indoor VIP room, and pool tables.

currently im thinking, Double Apple, its quick, you know its a shisha flavour you can easily make a link with shisha, its easy on the tongue. but anything else please help!


Do you have a few years experience profitably running a cafe/restaurant?
Have researched anti-tobacco laws in your area?
Have you successfully chosen a retail location before?
Have you priced the cost of retrofitting the location you've chosen"
Can you afford to operate the business at a loss for at least a year?
Do you have enough money saved that you can afford to have no net income for at least a year?
Have you gotten the requite BATF and state tobacco distribution licenses?
Have you worked out a strategy to protect yourself from employees/patrons suing you for real/imagined smoking related aliments?

If can't answer yes to all of those questions drop what you are doing and settle those matter before worrying about what to carry. I used to operate/own a successful moassel cafe in the states so I suggest caution and a lot of careful planning.
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