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Question Tobacco free shisha?!?

While on vacation with my family, I visited this "international market" place and was pleased to see that they sold hookah stuff! Even better was that I found shisha on sale for only fifty cents per 50mg box! Of course I loaded up on flavors I've always been curious about.

However, the brand name is Soex and while they look legitimate and have a fancy website ( )... I've never herd of them on here. Here's the weirdest part: it's tobacco, nicotine, and tar free.

When smoking hookah, I try not to smoke alone in an effort to keep me from getting addicted, but this Soex stuff is pretty nice because I can enjoy a smoke without worrying. And it tastes pretty good too!

I wonder, however, if this is even any healthier for me than real tobacco. Its never too healthy when man made gods try to imitate natural things. Plus, the stuff looks like cut-up chemical crystals with food coloring.

I wanted to know your guys' opinion on this sort of product. Do you have any experience? And is it really any healthier? Thanks a bunch.
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