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Default Re: A rose by any other name would smell as sweet.

Originally Posted by Memories View Post
Are you saying if i liked rose i might really like jasmine? i have been tempted to pick some up.. a few of my friends go bananas over rose for some reason.
Jasmine and Rose are very closely related. Not in terms of taste per se, but more the general feeling. Floral flavors stand out quite a bit, and I can understand a lot of people not liking them because, well it's just not a usual taste to have in your mouth. They also tend to be very strong flavors. I hesitate to, but I would argue that they can be lumped in with double apple and others like that that tend to be more of a spice variety. An acquired taste, but always worth a shot. And it's late, I'm tired, and I'm pretty much just babbling now, and I don't remember writing half of this.
In conclusion, go get a 50g box and give it a whirl.
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