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Default Buying just the KM Base?

I've been looking through vendors for awhile hoping to come across more KM bases. So far, only John has had any for sale, but didn't quite fit what I'm looking for. A classic bell that isn't fancy, and black in color that is not opaque (prefered) or clear with simple gold banding. I would also consider red because my black hose has a bit of red trim to it. has one that seemed to fit, but it isn't available anymore. I'm a very aesthetically driven person, so things like this matter to me more than they probably should, but my current vase just isn't right, and it's driving me nuts. The worst part about it is that I just cannot see through it very well without a flashlight to eyeball the water level. It's just been nagging at me for the last month or so.

If only I had the money to up and get a new hose then I could get any vase ha
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