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Originally Posted by mozerisp View Post
Hey HP, been here for at least a few months but never posted anything . but now i seem that i have to cause of this problem.
Currently I have a Mya Razo hookah which rips just perfectly for me. but whenever i try to get it to smoke i keep getting this disgusting smell coming out from the hookah itself. I've tried cleaning with baking soda and lime. but the smell still lingers inside the base and stem part.
now i was wondering what other methods could be used to clean out the hookah to get rid of the smell.

Ok, not to sound like a jerk, but lime is in no way a good cleanser.

Lemon juice is what you should be using. Lemon juice, baking soda, water. Mya's have a very odd inner stem design that is just an unfinished rough brass surface that "collects" flavors and doesn't let them go. Brush cleaning does nothing as the brass just rips apart any brush you throw at it. You can't use a wire brush because it won't fit through the openings.

Use the lemon/baking soda/water mix, doesn't matter really the exact measurements. I always like to add at least a 1/4 cup of lemon juice, then some baking soda so it fizzes up and add water while it's fizzing so it doesn't bubble over. Plugging the end of the pipe and just swishing the mix around, dumping out, repeating that is my method. if it's really bad i just plug the ends with a stopper and let the mixture destroy all smell inside the stem.

What you smell is ever single flavor oil residue resting on your pipe after being superheated and mixing together with the other flavors you smoke. This is commonly known as "Ghosting".

Mya hookahs tend to not last over 2 years because of this problem.
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