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Default Re: Weird smell

i have 4 mya hookhas and one of witch is a mya QT that is over 3 years old and never have any problem with the smoke tasting odd or off. but it may be i have a strange palet. personaly i have many hoses that are non washable especially my km hoses witch some are over 2 years old use them non stop and i personally think that the years of smoking has given it carter and tast great no matter what tobacco is in it. but i also always hang them up streatched all the way out. I think your just not getting your bowl or hookah all the way cleaned out. all my hookahs have a oder to them without anything in them but i belive allot of it is oders and oils that have soaked into the rubber of the grommets. Also rember never assemble your hookah with moisture in it for storage, even if its for a day or 2 may also contribute to your complaint. I would never pitch a mya cause its 2 years old. But if you feel the need to get rid of it pm me ill throw some your cash your way for it. You can never have to many hookahs.
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