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Default Re: Tangiers Acclimation Period?

Originally Posted by HookahWoltar View Post
I Got this. theres a new, better method. You Want to throw new un-acclimated tangiers into a sealed container for 20 hours, stir it good first. then open the jar for a few hours(4-8) before smoking and stir very well. if this doesnt seem to work, spread out on foil before smoking, and do that for a few hours(4-8), cuz the container doesnt have enough airflow usually. DO NOT WASTE ANY JUICE!!! you cant even leave a drop on the foil or it will mess with burn time, flavor, and heat mannagement, the molasses is sooooo important. and yes it should not smell like anything but the flavor it is, but with a slight undertone of that famous tangeirs scent, as with the flavor too. the scent is like a slight, sour smell of the molasses.... like the bad smell evens out to a good one, kinda hard to explain. let me know if this doesnt make sense, becaus im horrid at putting thoughts to words.
i would highly recommend against this since you are going to lose a good deal of juice to the foil. the first time i did this but for the whole pack and i lost a decent amount. another thought is if you want to try something weird freeze it solid then thaw it on your radiator then acclimate it. i got a frozen package once and after thawing it was almost instantly acclimated. it was pretty awesome then again it could be a fluke
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