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Default Shisha on the cheap, makes my heart happy

Especially when its a usually expensive as hell brand.
Which brings me to my story.
I wandered to a local tobacco shop, that doesn't have much of a selection, but I was on the hunt for Nakhla Earl Grey, and didn't want to pay shipping for it, so I made a just incase visit. Well, no such luck. And since I was there, I felt I should pick up something I haven't tried. Their little shelf of AF was pretty embarrassing, not so much for the flavors, it was all new batches of Mint, Grape, Orange, etc, but they charge $20.95 for 250g of AF. I had just bought AF Chocolate down the street for $11. Well anyway, my eye was drawn to something I hadn't ever seen there before. Little black packages above the Nakhla. Fantasia. Well, since I had never tried this brand before, and with all the reviews, I've gotten curious. Especially about that alcohol taste rumor, so I grabbed the 50g boxes of Apple Martini and Raspberry Kamikaze. The guy behind the counter told me they were carrying it on a trial basis to see how it sold, and apparently it didn't go over well, so instead of the $5 per box I would have had to pay, each one was only $2.50, or pretty much buy one get one free. Considering Fantasia is sold $20 for 200g packages, I consider this a big victory, ha. They also had a Triple Apple flavor, and I could smell it through the box, anise out the wazoo.

So anyway, that's my stupid little story.
In conclusion, now I have to go order Nakhla Earl Grey.
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