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Default Re: Tangiers Acclimation Period?

Originally Posted by HookahWoltar View Post
DO NOT EVER EVER EVER INTENTIONALLY FREEZE TANGIERS!!!! EVER!!!. if you know what molasses is and how the shisha is made, then you would know that you should never ever freeze it. it could(and essentially does) ruin the tobacco. a package of frozen solid tangiers that came out fine after is either just a freak happening, or luck. ive heard several occasions where it thawed out fine but still, thats not how shisha works, and it harms the makeup of it. i learned all this when i had my own acclimation problems not even a week ago, when i talked to the big boss E.
wow i totally lucked out. i got 6 bricks of frozen tangiers last year due to fedex nonheated trucks and them leaving it outside my apartment's office
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