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Default Re: how about the ed hardy

Originally Posted by Abrahim Appel View Post
I don't understand about the negativity of the blog. I will try to write it more positive but I need to be clear. I'm trying to respond to incredible lies by large companies who will come out with the most fantastic lies. For instance on hookah forum i was kicked out because I responded that that though they say its made of plastic, its actually a really nice hookah with a glass Ash balcony.
I mean honestly I don't even get your comment. negative would be naming another company and saying we are better and your trash. What I say is we are as good as any other hookah and in alot of opinions better. Thats not negative. That is a positive statement. now we also needed to get alot of blogs up so that we could get on the radar. We';re aiming to do news, opinions and hookah bar culture more than sales
They look like pieces of shit. So they are bad. They look like the biggest douchenozzle licking piece of shit guido tool dumbass pieces of shit I have ever set my eyes on. The fact that you even support them should get you banned from EVERY SINGLE hookah forum for the rest of your life. The products you and you other banned account support are the beginning of the americanized ruination of everything great about a hobby we all love. No hookah forum will ever support you spouting off about a product every single one of us views as an abomination, a festering, bleeding, puss-filled rotting scar upon the face of something so beautiful. I hate the fact that you support ed hardy so much that I plan on creating a blog just so I don't have to follow the rules here and go all out on the "ed hardy smoking blog" and spew out what I really want to say. You keep getting kicked out of hookah forums because YOU ARE DESTROYING THE HOOKAH.
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